Krakow: Odzież na Wagę

Krakow’s full of loads of eye-wateringly cheap second hand shops, making me wonder why anyone would possibly want to pay western prices for clothes which are much duller in your H&Ms and your Zaras. Come on guys, don’t be fooled by the sanitised comfort of the Galeria, looking at jewellery models as you try to avoid the drunks sitting around! It’s capitalism, cheap and vintage is trendy nowadays!

Once you start to notice the second hand shops, they’re EVERYWHERE. There are chains like Roban and M-Plus, and countless independent ones hiding in basements and through archways. Look out for ‘Odziez na Wage’, ‘Tania Odziez’, signs that have a number followed by zl/kg or zl/szt, and racks of clothes outside shops. The prices change depending on what day, week and shop it is – from around 8zl (about €2) per kilo to 54zl. Robans (BIG RED AND WHITE SIGNS) have vintage sections but most of the shops have just as good a range – you just need to do more rummaging.

Scarves from various M-Plus outlets around town. The big one is hand-knitted!

Amazing 80’s playsuit that needs taking up but once that’s done then I’ll be all over town in my power shoulder pads, pretending to be in Liquid Sky. And a denim shirt, wrinkles galore! Combined, these cost about 80c.

And a squirrel cardigan, on a …whirlygoround (ta Claire for the picture).

A shoddy map of shops I have found so far. A lot seem to be centred around ul. Filipa, most notably the one at number 14 which has one wall of beautiful beautiful vintage dresses and playsuits.

In other clothing news, I boarded a tram to Nowa Huta and was followed by an old man who pointed at the rip in my tights and must have felt sorry for me, as he reached into a shopping bag full with packets of new tights and gave me a pair of these ‘Slightly Imperfect: Pantyhose for full-figured women’. Not before he’d given me some Easter branches and refused to accept I wasn’t married. Thanks, man on tram.

One drawback: I’m definitely going to have to bring a lot more home than what I brought with me :(

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6 Responses to Krakow: Odzież na Wagę

  1. Jim says:

    Nice. Make the map embedded so you can zoom/play!

  2. Gay O'Casey says:

    That’s if you ever get home, what with having no passport and planes being grounded!

  3. giac0m0 says:

    Hello, lovely post – especially the photo’s of your brimming suitcases :)

    Did you happen to see many cameras in your second hand shop travels?

  4. Tjasa says:

    THANKS!! I’m going to Krakow on Friday and that’s exactly what i wanted to know – where all the second hand stores are! :) Thanks so much for this post, you made my day!

    • Luis says:

      Unfortunately, some of even all of the “ROBAN” seem to have closed :/
      I went to a couple of locations where they used to have shops, and they’re not there anymore :(

  5. ChiChi says:

    I will visit Krakow in a week and is there any second hand shop or anywhere that I can find cheap clothes?
    I have limited time to sightseeng also, suggestions would be super good
    Thank you

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