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Top 10 songs about football

There’s scant crossover between football and music. But here’s ten of the best. 10. Helen Love – Cardiff City Superstar “It’s the end of the summer / So it’s going to be / Another long season in Division Three.” South … Continue reading

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Oxford Record Shop: Truck Store on Cowley Road

Once lost, some things never return: empires, David Trezeguet’s football shirt, the handloom industry, virginity, my Belle & Sebastian bookmark, records shops. But Oxford’s bucking the trend and – in what’s either a calculated act of genius or misadventure on … Continue reading

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Photos: Oxford students occupy Radcliffe Camera library

Jump to the bottom for a gallery. Almost the whole of Oxford University’s Bodleian Library is currently closed due to the occupation of the flagship Radcliffe Camera building. The protest has now been running for almost twenty-four hours. What started … Continue reading

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Newspaper Review: “i” from The Independent

I’m a media geek with a penchant for borrowed nostalgia; an obsessive Twitter user with a love of newsprint. And despite doing my best to write for national publications I’ve, ahem, fallen out of the habit of paying for the … Continue reading

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Rip It Up and Start Again: York Development Plan of 1948

As part of my dissertation I’m working on some of the¬†hairbrained¬†schemes to redevelop my hometown of York. This fantastic document was commissioned during WW2 as a masterplan for the city – a beautifully printed vision of the future. There’ll be … Continue reading

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Searching for a meaning: A dozen songs about places I love

Songs always become linked to specific locations in my head – be it the first time I heard it or the person I was with at the time. But others have a head start. Here’s twelve songs about places I … Continue reading

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IoS: Let undergraduates into All Souls

The Independent on Sunday subs are at it again. It’s not on the same scale as last week’s wanky balls incident there’s another inadvertant slip in the photo caption. Though it’s just a bit of bad luck. Above a fairly … Continue reading

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