Published: University Challenge in The Guardian

Cheers Hadley Freeman. Monday afternoon was utterly bizarre. A few chance contacts, a strange series of events and a few frantic emails – while I was supposed to be looking  after Richard Herring at Bootham Crescent (what the hell?) – secured me a tiny piece in The Guardian about Uni Challenge.

It was given the title “The Day I faced Alex Guttenplan on University Challenge” but could easily have been called “The day we got utterly destroyed by four people who are destined to surpass all my achievements in life” or “that time that I realised that simply hanging around Granada Studios doesn’t grant me the wit or intelligence of Tony Wilson”.

I read the published version on my phone immediately after watching the final with the Emmanuel College team. The headline made me cringe a bit; I understand that Alex is the main story and it’s worth editing the story to pick up Google linkage but Jenny Harris, Josh Scott and Andy Hastings were equally proficient at making us look stupid. And like all the contestants on the show, they were utterly lovely.

I wish they’d used this photo in the print edition. Rather than Googling me and getting that downright miserable shot of me holding up my t-shirt so that these guys could get a screengrab.

The print edition attributes the words, “I went for sleepover at one of the contestant’s houses” to me, though I’m pretty sure I didn’t write them. I’m not sure whether to cringe or laugh at that dose of tweeness, but I’m certainly not complaining about sneaking into G2.

Now…I probably ought to write up some of non-Guttenplan aspects of our appearances before I forget everything.

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