Dreams: Adidas and Chair-o-planes

…but instead I’m half packing for a fun trip in the morning, half pottering around the internet. So here are two things I have dreamed of in the last week or so, after being asked to contribute of a zine on the topic of, well, dreams.

Inventions my subconscious seems to think would be handy (it really shouldn’t give up the day job):

Tandem Sports Jacket. Pointless. Would result in arguments between wearers and possible breakdown of friendship. Destined to end up as an unwanted gift from well meaning but misguided uncles.

Chairoplane Boat. Has obvious aesthetic and fun appeal, but health and safety would surely put a stop to that. Boat would need to spin around at high speed in order for the chairoplanes to work. Would result in travel sickness for all involved. Fun factor is somewhat lessened.

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5 Responses to Dreams: Adidas and Chair-o-planes

  1. Jim says:

    I really hope that Alien lifeform posing in the pictures isn’t me.

  2. Fuchsia says:

    No. Is man #2 from my dream.

  3. rugosa says:

    you haff nice drawin skillz

  4. I think a good challenge would be to illustrate how one would look if Michael O Leary did run the country.

    (Miss the deadline and you’re screwed)

  5. Fuchsia says:

    i literally dreamt of michael o’leary last night!

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