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Top 10 songs about football

There’s scant crossover between football and music. But here’s ten of the best. 10. Helen Love – Cardiff City Superstar “It’s the end of the summer / So it’s going to be / Another long season in Division Three.” South … Continue reading

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Oxford Record Shop: Truck Store on Cowley Road

Once lost, some things never return: empires, David Trezeguet’s football shirt, the handloom industry, virginity, my Belle & Sebastian bookmark, records shops. But Oxford’s bucking the trend and – in what’s either a calculated act of genius or misadventure on … Continue reading

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Dream: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Owen Ashworth bringing lo-fi to Zyblikiewicza. (for Totally Dublin Issue 72) (The keyboard’s wrong. I dreamt it that way. So it’s ok because I am being accurate to my dream.)

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Searching for a meaning: A dozen songs about places I love

Songs always become linked to specific locations in my head – be it the first time I heard it or the person I was with at the time. But others have a head start. Here’s twelve songs about places I … Continue reading

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Frank Sidebottom: Gone

I’ve been trying to explain to some fellow Uni students why the death of Frank Sidebottom really matters. Most of them turn off after the opening “so this bloke wore a papier mache head and was the funniest act you’ve ever … Continue reading

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Interview: Robyn

Robyn is a 10/10 sort of popstar: underrated but utterly brilliant. A constant presence on the radio without getting on your nerves. And she’s got class. In the electropop supermarket she’d be a succulent M&S Sunday Roast. Sorry…did you just choke on … Continue reading

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The Sound of Young Czechoslovakia

It’s election night in the UK. It’s all quite exciting – a new bloke is going to replace the old bloke, every student in the UK has fallen in love with Nick Clegg and I’m going to spend the night … Continue reading

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