IoS: Let undergraduates into All Souls

The Independent on Sunday subs are at it again. It’s not on the same scale as last week’s wanky balls incident there’s another inadvertant slip in the photo caption. Though it’s just a bit of bad luck.

Above a fairly standard article regarding the lack of University entitled ‘Limits on student numbers must be lifted, say heads’ they’ve plonked a nice picture of an Oxford College.

It’s just shame that they chose All Souls College, probably the only University establishment in the UK that hasn’t got around to recruiting any students in the last couple of centuries.

As for the caption, if record numbers are applying to such institutions then it’s no suprise that so many are getting rejected. Exclusive research for This Is Pop reveals that 10/10 applicants can’t find All Souls on their UCAS form.

It does inadvertantly raise the point that there is the ability to squeeze a few more students in Oxford. All Souls currently grants recognition to two Oxford grads a year, allowing them to join around eighty other academics in reaping the rewards of this elaborate, £236-million endowed dining society high class educational establishment. If we all have to do our bit to help the educational crisis they could probably increase their intake by, say, 50%. To three.

Incidentally, the new look IoS is worth a read if you get a chance. A nice alternative to the slightly po-faced Observer and the rabid anger over at The Sunday Times.

[All Souls did debate becoming ‘just another’ Graduate-only college in the late 1940s but John Sparrow fought off those who questioned any use of educational funds for this strange instituion, instilled some real academic rigour and let Isiah Berlin carry the college’s name. Due to some clerical quirk I was taught there last term. Got strange looks every time I walked in, on account of being under fifty.]

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