Gameboy USB Drive

Welcome to This Is Pop, where aesthetics always triumph over function.

In this vein, I’m happy to announce the launch of our first range of boutique products. We’ve taken a selection of original Gameboy cartridges and turned them into USB drives.

The classic Nintendo plastic cases now come with a little USB connection at one end. We’ve tested it on a selection of Macs and Windows PCs and it works just fine.

In addition to being a fully functioning data stick for transferring files between computers, they come pre-loaded with a selection of classic Gameboy games to play on your laptop. These games don’t even need installing – so can be played whenever work gets too boring and on any computer you can find.

It’s available to buy from This Is Shop! at an introductory price of £15. (We’re really not making any money on them.)

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  1. Sonam says:

    How many money we by laptop

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