Luton Town v York City

“Sealed Knot Society, let’s see you try and do this one: Luton Town – Millwall, 1985.”
Half Man Half Biscuit – Uffington Wassail.

HMHB have a good way with a lyric and eighties hooliganism is the first thing I associated with Kenilworth Road. But I didn’t expect this afternoon’s Conference play-off to attract a serious bout of trouble: it seems that Luton are struggling to come to terms with their own inadequacies – or to deal with the idiot contingent in their own fanbase.

For god’s sake, Esther Rantzen was sat watching from the directors’ box. Who riots in front of former presenters of light entertainment? It’s hardly a Buenos Aires derby.

Luton fans surge in an attempt to reach escaping York players

With so much at stake it’s no suprise that there was a lot of passion around – and a few choice chants were swapped between the fans. Some York fans had been hit by missiles outside the ground before the game. But events took a turn during the second half when Richard Brodie went into a hoarding by the home fans at one of end of the Main Stand – the section nearest the away end. A few fans attempted to get to him before stewards intervened. They had been the most vocal and antagonistic all afternoon.

Some fans were hit by coins

Towards the end of the match a few from this section tried to charge onto to the pitch but had no luck. There were plenty of police to push back. But while despondent Luton supporters started to leave the rest of the ground this section kept filling up. And they weren’t looking at the pitch.

Luton fans make an early attempt to break through to the away end - with about ten minutes left to play

At the final whistle there are  about a dozen police and twenty stewards in the corner. We had been informed that we’d be locked in for our safety – no problem, time to celebrate with the players. We didn’t expect to be celebrating with the players – ie, in the stand and amongst us as everyone took cover.

Because Luton’s dugouts are on the opposite side to the changing rooms. At full-time the players started their celebrations, jumping around with a flag and lapping up the atmosphere. It’s not often that York have much to celebrate but we had twice outplayed the runners-up in the league. It was our moment – and we wanted enjoy it.

The Luton players knew better and legged it off the pitch. From all the home stands came a substantial stream of fans, ambling towards the away end but not posing much of a threat. It obviously wasn’t a celebratory pitch invasion but there was a line of policemen on the 6yd line to keep them away.

Richard Brodie joins the rest of the victorious squad - and the management - in the away end with York fans

Then their numbers swelled. A few pushed the police line. Suddenly they charged, the police braced and resorted to their batons. We York fans were pelted with coins and any other rubbish the Luton fans could find. A few people got nasty cuts from coins. There was a crowd surge as people attempted to clear a large chunk of the stand.

These Luton fans were utter idiots; apart from the real unpleasantness I enjoyed the bloke who attempted to use a programme as a missile. It fluttered down without much impact. A couple of York fans started picking up some of the loose change scattered across the terrace.

Right-back Ben Purkiss retreats with a group of York fans after another rain of missiles

Meanwhile our players had jumped over the hoardings and were amongst us – in itself quite a nice ending. But they were in a mixed state of euphoria and fear; to our front were an ever-approaching line of Luton fans and to our back a couple of small exits that we were (rightly) not allowed to use. Not a pleasant sensation. Another rain of coins came in on the players as stewards attempted to find a way of moving them on – our star striker Richard Brodie got hit, though without much damage. Danny Parslow and Ben Purkiss were bright enough to get a move on out of there fast but some were getting lost amongst the celebrations.

Jimmy Sangare, our utterly committed and permanently relaxed centre-back, just grinned. I got the feeling he’d seen much worse.

Sky Sports’ coverage shows our players fleeing under fire

Eventually the stewards decided that they had to do something and worked out a plan. York’s assistant manager Andy Porter, not the sort of bloke you’d want to face in a fight, barked orders and the players scarpered, jackets over heads, around the back of the stand and out of an emergency exit and into the police room – only a few feet from where stewards and police were bracing against another surge by Luton fans.

Stewards helped players escape under a hail of missiles

James Meredith, our brilliant Australian left-back, was slipping over chairs while edging away from the front. He was utterly bemused.

“Guess this is English football?” I ventured.
“Yeah, well they could do with some proper security.”

The York fans were eventually let out onto the sealed-off Oak Road. Most of them were on coaches and didn’t hang around. But as the first minibus made to leave it was met by a large group of Luton fans who proceeded to violently rock it side to side. The driver slammed into reverse and headed back up the road as fast as possible.

York supporters were all on coaches - but a group of Luton fans blocked off the only exit.

I was on my own and approached a policeman.

“Are there any places to avoid on the way back to the railway station?”
“Yeah, Luton.”

Reinforcements and riot police turned up and secured the positions. At which point events became farcical. The Luton fans were outside a hardware shop and started grabbing whatever weapons they could – potted plants, mops amd brooms. So the fans would charge and the police would step back under a hail of bristles and petunia before giving as good as they got. Repeat ad infinitum. Eventually a closedown of the area and a few pushes by riot police cleared the junction. Boredom and the lack of an enemy eventually dispersed the remnants but there were small scuffles elsewhere as the police helicopter circled overhead.

A small, tired looking Asian shopkeeper came out to survey the damage. He had a sad smile on his face as he attempted to rescue what he could while supporters coaches drove over the remnants of £100s of stock.

A farcical end - a local hardware store has its supplies wrecked

There’s a load of hypocrisy to the way that the media covers hooliganism: replaying the footage while talking in serious tones about its wrongs, overplaying minor incidents and pretending to be disgusted. This afternoon has made the headlines but amazingly no one seemed to be seriously injured and the worst thing was a few head wounds, some needless destruction and some very tearful kids. The police/stewards were woefully under prepared but reacted well to the situation.

As for Luton? Well, I know that the majority of fans weren’t involved – I’ve got good friends who support Luton and once had a long chat with the incredibly eloquent poet John Hegley about his support for them. And I know that every club has idiots. But there’s an old problem here – and I’ve got to hope that they get a hefty fine. Or even a points deductions which, for once in Luton’s torturous recent history, would actually be justified. But don’t issue any statement claiming “these were not real Luton fans” – you’ll lose a lot of respect. Confront the issue rather than ignoring it.

Full gallery – if you want to use any of these images then please get in touch.

UPDATE #1: I wrote this on my phone on the way home. Since then I’ve read Nick Owen’s statement to the press:

“…the York players were celebrating with their fans. It obviously wound up a certain number of our fans, and it led to fairly bitter verbal confrontations…”

Stylish. York fans chanting their team’s name and celebrating a rare shot at promotion are responsible for idiots on the pitch being wound up? Apparently “one or two” Luton fans caused the trouble. Christ.

And while there was no connection between the colour of the shopowner’s skin and the attack on the hardware shop it’s clear that Luton also have greater issues with racism than other clubs. There were various particulary unpleasant chants during our visit here earlier this season and there doesn’t seem to be much of a mixed population, either in the fan base or the town itself. Almost every house surrounding the ground is occupied by Asian families, many of whom peered out of their windows to watch the all-white fans attack the police and smash up their street. Our match at Kenilworth Road earlier in the season had been postponed due to a clash with an English Defence League march – and a few of the Luton guys at the end of Oak Road struck up ‘E-D-L’  chants.

NB: Since this might get an audience…it’s been fairly well reported that at the meeting of all four play-off clubs to decide Wembley arrangements, Luton’s chairman made a big deal of what “we’ll need when we get there” and the “demands of Luton Town at the final”. That dose of arrogant hubris has come back to bite you. Enjoy playing at Hayes & Yeading next year and get used to it – no club ever escapes this league with ease. And some of your fans just made the task a whole lot harder.


Goodness me. Nick Own, acting like some half-rate Malcolm Tucker, is attempting to spin the line that it was a very small number of people involved. I sympathise with the predicament: it’s near-impossible to slag off your fanbase and bow in to demands to ban a substantial proportion of them. But this line just won’t work nowadays. You can’t pretend not to have seen things. There is hours of camera phone footage, hundreds of photos and Sky Sports footage. And the media have yet to pick up on the substantial (~100 actively involved, others watching) trying to storm past the police and get at the York coaches.

As for Luton’s manager, Richard Money…well, show some media sense:

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48 Responses to Luton Town v York City

  1. Rob Page says:

    Quality account of what happened. Luton fans dont seem to realise how much trouble they have got their team into and to be honest they dont seem to care. Maybe they will care when they dont have a team anymore because the club can’t afford to keep paying out for these clearly sad individuals.

    • D.......j says:

      I was shocked and appauled by yesterday, i am a luton SUPPORTER and have never seen anything like this.
      I must say though i am dissaopinted with the fact you didnt comment on Richard Brodie assulting a ball boy (ok it was a push but its a kid for god sake) and goading fans which made the situation alot worse.
      Also i feel you comment saying you were the best team in both games is false as we played you off the park at your place.
      To be fair you deserved to win yesterday and i really hope you beat Oxford but i had to say these comments and i have forwarded them to the FA etc.

      • Jim says:

        I didn’t see Richard Brodie ‘assaulting’ any ballboy which, in this endless tit-for-tat attempt appropriate blame, of course doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. But Richard is a fairly gentle lad who would be appalled by such accusations.

        York’s goading fans? I really don’t think any amount of goading could have justified such a reaction from a section of Luton’s supporters.

      • dave says:

        Have say that Luton have by all accounts caused serious disorder this season. Cambridge, Rushden, Oxford away and at home when a fully fledged riot caused thouands of pounds of damage to their own ground can all claim witness to their violent outpourings. It was caught on camera more this time and Luton should face a huge points deduction for next year. That maybe the only way to make this club expose their large thuggish minority.

  2. Paul says:

    I am a Luton fan and saddened to see this amount of violence. The way forward is for the authorities to ban these so called ‘Luton fans’ (I call them this because if they we’re real clear thinking fans they wouldn’t of done it) from every stadium in the land. It’s not going to be hard with the amount of footage that is available. As for giving the team points deduction – will that help? Most probably not, just frustrate the true Luton fans who still follow the team through thick and thin! I apologise on behalf of true Luton fans if anybody did get injured. Just food for thought though………if Luton would of won away in the 2nd leg and celebrated in front of the fans, would there have been similar scenes???? Unfortunately all clubs have idiots.
    Good luck for the final York !

    • Jim says:

      I’m always wary of arbitrary divisions into ‘real’ and ‘so-called’ fans. It’s a neat rhetorical sidestep of the real issue: all clubs have racists, idiots and the odd pugilist in their support base – it’s just a normal cross-section of society.

      It’s how you deal with them that counts. Luton supporters have been involved in serious trouble at Rushden, Cambridge and Oxford this season. But this has finally got the media attention.

      • A hat says:

        wha trouble was there with rushden? or are you basing it on media reports?

      • RDFC says:

        A hat- There was trouble when you played Rushden at our place! Although there was no actual violence your fans invaded the pitch and jumped on the goalposts. They can proceeded to hang of it like apes which resulted in bent crossbar which needed replacing.

        Although i dont want to tar all Luton fans with the same brush you seem to have more than your fair share of ‘scum’
        Anyway congratulations to York, just a shame we arent playing you at Wembley. I would love to see Ranks bag the winner for you, he is remembered fondly by most Rushden fans.

      • Sam Stone says:

        Last week they damaged our crossbar.

        you couldn’t all do us a favour and whack this on your forums and help spread the word


      • jake says:

        racist idiots? were not the bnp ,the ira or the nf edl is not racist its a group against muslim,islamic extremists wanting there flag down downing street well if you think thats racist what do you want us to do sit back and watch this country input shariah law have there flag down downing street? well if you class that as racism im sorry then your not english!

      • jae says:

        sam stone

        ‘sniff, sniff. daddy, they damaged our crossbar…’

        get tough!

  3. Simon Arnold says:

    As a Luton fan nothing can make up for the behaviour of those fans at the game and no-one is making excuses for them. I sincerely hope that every single one of them is arrested and dealt with severely.

    But please can you be balanced and honest in your comments. The York fans caused trouble in the town centre and were first to charge at lines of police and stewards. During the game there were a steady stream of people being lead out by the police from the York end. I also hope that these people are dealt with severely and that characters like Mr Brodie reflect on the part that their behaviour has in increasing the tension on these occasions.

    • Jim says:

      “Balanced and honest” – as I saw it, guv. I’ve nothing against Luton fans and before the game I spent a very enjoyable hour drinking with one I met on the train.

      “The York fans caused trouble in the town centre” – I went to the town to check it out after the game. According to the police there, by 6.15pm there had not been any trouble in the centre. That’s what I’m going on. The majority of York fans left on organised coaches.

      The only sad thing was seeing a school brass band attempting to play in the square, only to be drowned out by the sound of police dogs there to took on the ‘ooligans.

      “Steady stream of people being led out” – I saw a couple. Were they up to no good? No idea. I’ll leave that to you. In a slightly different issue, some of our disabled fans were lead out from their area near the home fans…for their own safety.

      Two sides to every story and all that. But I don’t really see many grey areas in this tale.

      • Simon Arnold says:

        I think that was your chance to prove that you could be open and honest about this. Let me re-iterate I cannot condone our fans’ behaviour and will make no attempt to justify it.

        However, you are clearly not being balanced if you are trying to suggest that this did not start as two groups of yobs trying to get at each other.

        Sitting in the front row of the upper tier of our Main Stand I had a perfect panoramic view of what happened. If you were not at that side of the York supporters maybe you missed how your fans on that side were behaving.

        Truth is, they were behaving in just the same way but were easier to contain within the stand. There were frequent incidents of police and stewards being pushed and yes frequent incidences of people being lead out.

        But they were of course a minority. I will certainly wish York City all the best though and hope you do well in the final. Your fans gave a great account of themselves in the home game and while we were unlucky in the first leg you kept us bottled up very impressively in the second.

  4. Matt E says:

    To be honest, as a Luton fan who was there I can’t argue with any of this. A few points from a home fans perspective though, if you will…

    – Money, like most of our players, was off of the pitch before anything really happened. As you said – it obviously wasn’t a celebratory pitch invasion, but I can’t blame him for what he didn’t see. That said – based on his own lack of view of the issue he should have said nothing rather than attempt to play it down.

    – Owen’s and Gary Sweet’s (our MD) comments were ridiculous, embarrassing and naive. It wasn’t just “a few fans” – there were hundreds on the pitch and to my view, before I decided to leave, at least 100 people involved with the charging of the police line in an attempt to get into the away stand. I’d like to say that I won’t call them fans but unfortunately numerous of our regulars have said that they clearly could identify other regulars on the pitch.

    – On the other hand, Martin Foyle was absolutely different class in his interview with 5 Live – basically suggesting it was none of his business and he’d leave the decisions on punishment and the like to those who were responsible for it. Fair play to him and to your chairman who, when pushed by Sky, remained pretty level about it all.

    – I appreciate that it’s tired and trite, but that’s not what anyone I know who supports Luton wants to see. I wish the club would punish the racist chanters and the idiots who think that behaviour is OK, because we’d all rather go to games without them. I’m honestly not sure how that happens, but I wish it could.

    – I don’t know anything about the policing of football games – I intend to do some research on it now – but it very much appeared to me that the police and stewards were under-prepared for what happened today. Gary Sweet seemed to claim otherwise which is why I refer to him as naive – there weren’t enough police, they therefore weren’t strong enough to stand up to the original pitch invasion and move the fans away, and they therefore couldn’t adequately protect either the York fans and players, or the local area around the game. I don’t know who determines the level of police cover at games – is it the club, or is it the police themselves – regardless, someone made a serious error of judgement and should be held responsible.

    Lastly and most importantly for me – on behalf of all actual Luton fans – not the idiots who think that today’s behaviour was acceptable – I’d like to apologise to the York management, fans, and players. York deserved the win – if we were still playing now we wouldn’t have scored – and deserve the Wembley shot. Best of luck to them, and sorry that this was something they had to endure on the way. Our management group (Luton 2020) have been absolutely fantastic since they took over our club, but they’ve not done themselves any credit here and should consider a formal apology regardless of any action that is taken against us by the authorities.

    Best of luck in the final.



  5. Andy F says:

    Firstly let me say thank you for writing such an indepth report from the other side, it is a pity you had to write this at all as it should have been about the football. Although you do not mention the large group of york fans that came into the ground at 2.30pm and then immediatly ran down to the opposing fans giving it large and goading the fans down there.

    what makes this even sadder is the site of some of these people not only geting invovled in this themselves, but also having young children in tow with them some under ten.

    There is no defence for what happened but any punishment is not going to effect these people only the real fans and the club.

    I can only hope that York fans realise it is the minority that spiol the game for the rest of us and to wish you well for your day at Wembley in beating Oxford

  6. Sniffer says:

    Sad to see this kind of thing happening again. As ‘Chief’ Brodie said ‘its only a game of football’. Passion is far too often used as an excuse for mindless idiocy such as what happened yesterday. What these loonies tend to ignore is that kids and elderly people are within that crowd and would be scared witless.

    Actually feel sorry for the real Luton Town fans. If defeat wasn’t bad enough then not being able to take it like grown ups really tarnishes whatever reputation they have left.

  7. Darren says:

    “Although you do not mention the large group of york fans that came into the ground at 2.30pm and then immediatly ran down to the opposing fans giving it large and goading the fans down there.”


    Conference matches are segregated, so it couldn’t have been much.

    “I also hope that these people are dealt with severely and that characters like Mr Brodie reflect on the part that their behaviour has in increasing the tension on these occasions.”


    The guy was celebrating. It’s OK for fans but not for the players? If you babies can’t take losing perhaps you should play tiddlywinks against some 5 year olds instead.

    For the record, I am not a supporter of either side.

  8. Jim says:

    “you do not mention the large group of york fans that came into the ground at 2.30pm and then immediatly ran down to the opposing fans giving it large and goading the fans down there”

    I didn’t feel two groups of excitable young, male football fans shouting abuse at each other in the warm-up was really relevant to the events that followed – there was nothing that went beyond what I’ve seen at hundreds of matches.

    I remember being amused at the time by battle-fixated pre-match Luton Town DJ choices:
    “I Predict A Riot”
    “War, what is it good for”
    “Two Tribes” (…go to war…)

    Proof, if ever needed, of the majestic power of music.

  9. Russ T says:

    Great article on how it all happened

    I think this is the only one I’ve read that shows outside the stadium as well. Others I’ve seen/read concentrate mostly on the players having things thrown at them.

    It’s all about the banter – and if you can take it. But to then decide you will charge at a group of people and try to cause them physical injury is taking things a bit to far.

    Someone on here suggested York would have done the same, if the tables were turned. I don’t think so! Don’t try to comfort yourself with false thoughts.

    Both teams played really well – showing yet again that their defense is very strong
    Over all – had a great day

  10. O. says:

    On the suject of music, the half time Bon Jovi selection was fitting given that it was York who were “half way there” and Luton “living on a prayer”.

    Fitting too that the DJ’s mainly 80’s pre-match playlist was the prelude to post-match scenes from the darkest days of that era.

  11. adam says:

    this just shows why the english supporters get a bad name for themselves, stupid idiots thinking they can cause trouble. Well done York though we know who the real winners are

  12. Pete says:

    This is an excellent, well-balanced article and gives a clear picture of what happened. Especially of what happened outside the ground.

    As many Luton fans I was with were saying: had the same happened to Luton players at York or any other ground, they’d be up in arms demanding all sorts of punishment for the club; Luton can only expect the same.

    One thing that I am starting to think I imagined was that while the Luton/EDL thugs were baiting the York fans and throwing coins at them down the left hand side (from the pitch) of the away end, the York players were celebrating over by the right hand side in complete safety. The mindless idiots were then pushed back by the police and the tunnel entrance cleared so that the players could get into the dressing room. At that point one or two York players decided to jump up and down and get the York fans roaring, the sound of which attracted the attention of the Luton thugs who turned around and tried to charge the players.

    I’m not trying to justify or condone anything: if a player who has just got to Wembley can’t celebrate with his fans then what sort of world are we living in, BUT given that a lot of fighting between the police and Luton thugs had clearly taken place and had been cooled down, wouldn’t it have been more advisable had the players just ambled across to the tunnel and got to safety?

    None of which excuses any of the actions, least of all the Luton fans in the Main Stand spitting down on the player as they ran for safety in the Medical Room, or others on the lower seats climbing a wall to throw bottles at the same players.

    Troglodytes, the lot of them.

  13. cityboi says:

    The Luton manager doesnt give a shit, the directors dont give a shit, throw the book at em. They still actually believe they are a big club still!!!Im so glad we beat them. About time so called real supporters stood up to be counted and did something about reclaiming their club back from the filth on show on monday.

    Massive applause for the York lads! they were beaten hands down and they know it. otherwise they would have won , wouldnt they??? Doh!!

    See you at Wembley!!!!!

  14. jae says:

    yeah, tip-top record of events. spot on. i was at the game with my 9 year-old son and as a passionate hatter, i am disappointed that things went too far. i didn’t want him to see that. he asked me ‘why are people throwing things at the york fans?’ i said ‘erm, because we lost son….’

    on the other hand, it’s good to see that passion and emotion are still part of the modern game, it is still the church of the common man, i think we just crossed the line. banter, verbal abuse and rampant local pride is all part of it. this aint rugby…

    if i’m honest, i hope you get beaten by oxford, i really do.

    see you next season (hopefully!)

    • Russ T says:

      I’m very pleased you and your 9 year old son felt safe and happy whilst watching the York fans & players get objects launched at them – by idiotic thugs!


      Imagine how a 9 year old might’ve felt in the away end?! I bet you didn’t – because you’re an idiot.

      Banter is apart of all sport – it’s expected. But for a mini-bus to be rocked by very poor losers – with no regard for who’s on it – is pathetic and weak.

      If I’M honest, I hope the FA make an example of you, I really do.

      go f*ck yourself (because no one else will!)

      • jae says:

        i know adult literacy levels up north are low so i’ll excuse your outlandish comment. why insult me personally for expressing an opinion? you haven’t actually understood the point i was trying to make. yeah, i acknowledge that those fans went too far and it cannot be justified in any way, shape or form, in fact i said i DIDN’T want my son to see that.


        i sincerely hope you get destroyed by oxford at wembley. please don’t light any flares this time and as it’s oxford, don’t smash up any pubs when you loose.

        you are a whinging crybaby. no-one died or was seriously injured and you have experienced a thrill that makes following (and i use the term loosely) a football team worthwhile.

        now get back to work at the mill and we’ll see you next season you twat!

    • JB says:

      What a pig-ignorant, knuckle-dragging twat you really are. Hopefully at some point next season you’ll be on the end of a really good kicking.

  15. benty4england says:

    hopefully those involved get the book thrown at them. Feel sorry for the real Luton fans, many of whom we had a great bit of banter with a few years ago when Sunderland won the league at Kenilworth Road.

    Interesting to see that when we brought well over 4000 to town in 2007, and swamped the ground, these ‘hooligans’ were nowhere to be seen. No doubt see the York fans as easy pickings.

    Best of luck to York in the final, hopefully we will get you in the league cup next season!!

  16. jae says:

    oh by the way, remember the flares at wembley and oxford in 2006.

    jorvik reds or yns ring a bell?

    all part of the game i’m afraid…

  17. wibble wobble lootun says:

    Get real,this was just a few coins(and mops) thrown good to see passion still in football,feckin hell the big cry babies wouldnt have survived the 70s…that slight fear MADE the excitement of matchday all the better,,,,,,,,,by the way…the york players did look like a bunch of pansies didnt they?????….please please let us win at wembley(oxford of course)…..otherwise the local wembley anything for 99p shop is gonna get it!!!!!!!

  18. z says:

    EDL not racist, Jake? Get a grip, man, it’s racist to the core. Have you not seen them throwng Nazi salutes and shouting racist abuse on their marches?

    It would have rounded the day off nicely if Jimmy had lashed one into the back of the net in injury time :o)

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  20. Home Improvements Centre says:

    Thank you so much for posting this account of what happened, and the photos.

    The “small, tired looking Asian shopkeeper” is my father. This is a family run business that did not deserve this at all.

    I was there through the riot trying to save my fathers stock. The police did nothing. They stood there. Watching me cry to save some of the damage that was done.

    This is an utter disgrace. My father works 7 days a week to provide for the community and his family – for a LARGE group of hooligans to come and destroy that just because they lost a football match.

    I begged the police officers to stop what was happening but nothing.

    It has all been recorded on cctv and the police have a lot of questions to answer.

    Why did it take 10 minutes for the police to take action?
    If the police were aware that a brawl had broken out on the pitch – why was extra back up not called upon?
    Why did they stand back whilst I was caught up in the middle of it and not help to stop the violence?

    “Eventually a closedown of the area and a few pushes by riot police cleared the junction” yes eventually, when they knew that the supporters were trying to come down Oak Road. Why were the police trying to only protect the York Supporters? what about the local community? it was ONLY WHEN they knew the coaches were due to drive down the road, that the police took action and started pushing to clear the junction.

    “a sad smile on his face as he attempted to rescue what he could while supporters coaches drove over the remnants of £100s of stock.” – why did the police not STOP the supporters from coming down the road UNTIL the stock was cleared of the roads? Why couldnt the police allow us to salvage what was not damaged. I’ll explain why – the football fans took priority! not the local community.

    Reading your account has bought tears to my eyes.

    My father has owned and run this store for 30 years and did not deserve what happened!

    im disgusted.

    • Cheddar says:

      Thanks for taking the time to post, HIC. Disgusted to think of what you and your family have to put up with these scumbags. I hope the police catch them and do them for criminal damage at the very least.

      All the best to you and your family. Please assure your dad that most right thinking football fans would join in condemnation of what happened.

      • Home Improvements Centre says:

        Thank you so much for your kind words. It Is truly appreciated.

        I hope the police do finally take some action and this is resolved.

        Thank you again!

  21. Pete says:

    Interesting article about the reaction in Philadelphia when a supporter ran on the field:,238457

    In other news: Jake, jae and wibble wobble looton prove that in the face of over-whelming evidence to the contrary, some people just don’t understand why the behaviour of the Luton fans was unacceptable.

  22. Tim says:

    One thing that is starting to annoy me now, several days after the events, is the way that an element of the Luton fanbase are trying to blame a non-existent assault by Brodie for what happened!

    I was just behind the barrier where it happened and heard as well as saw what went on.

    Brodie, showing his usual commitment and lack of finese chased a through ball which he could not catch, his momentum carried him off the pitch and into a ball boy. He apologised to the ball boy but the ball boy being a typical teenager in front of his mates gave back some attitude and pushed Brodie.

    That was it.

    On a Luton town forum they are calling for complaints to be made against Brodie and trying to say that the missile throwing was in response to the incident.

    It is all just whitewash because they know they were in the wrong and are now worried that any point deduction will put them in the poo for next season.

    There is NO excuse for what happened in the ground or outside so Luton apologists please stop trying to find one and man-up.

  23. Paul says:

    An excellent and fairly unbiased account of what must have been an equally enjoyable and unnerving afternoon.

    Luton have had a long-standing track record of incidents of this kind and I wasn’t particularly surprised to see trouble after the game. It’s little wonder the EDL are having such so many successes in places like this. After all, it isn’t going to take too much to break through the intelligence barriers of these idiots.

    It’s a real shame for genuine Luton fans who’ve had more than their fair share to deal with in recent years. Let’s hope the club has the bottle to rid themselves of the perpetrators for life.

    Congratulations to York and good luck at Wembley!

  24. Bury FC fan says:

    Why the hell do people do this in the name of football?.We at Bury travel all over the place watching our team,have a few beers, and generally have a good day out. If we win it’s a bonus.When we lose it doesn’t mean we have to go and smash windows/coaches and faces.But then we are civilised. If York do win the play offs, you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome at Gigg Ln Social Club before and after the game NO MATTER what the result. Good luck to both teams and fans at Wembley.Only wish we could have been going too.

  25. Kowalski says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of Half Man Half Biscuit and Millwall this week.

  26. This is terrible, football shouldnt be about this.

  27. Pingback: That Was Pop… | This Is Pop

  28. Anonymous says:

    get yer riot gear
    Luton Town are here!

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