This Is Pop Fanzine #1

I last made a fanzine about five years ago. It was called “A Wayward Distraction”, featured interviews with The Boyfriends, musings on being cool while uncool, reviews of Glastonbury 2005 and loads of other stuff. Tristan Burke contributed but left me to fight the inkjet printer and manually turn over the pages and waste £20 on cartridges. Each one took about 5 minutes to print in dreary grayscale. About 50 copies were made and I hated the production so much that I never dared go back to it. Most were distributed at Truck Festival that year to stoned surfer types who couldn’t give a shit. It’s hard to correctly target a music publication written by two sixteen-year-olds who poured their hearts into it.

I’ve written a lot since. Much of it has gone online while certain bits have found their way into various student magazines. Some it has got a decent audience online – last weekend saw about 1,500 visits to this site. But it was the buzz of seeing my writing in When Saturday Comes that reminded me how much I like print. And now I’ve access to a great humming behemoth of a state-subsidised photocopying machine that can churn out fanzines faster than I can write rubbish to fill them up.

So here’s the first edition of the THIS IS POP fanzine, 12 pages of fun and intriguing bits that will be left around Oxford. About half of it has appeared in some form on this blog and many of the other bits and pieces in the fanzine may well end up on here at some point. I want to turn “Stoned & Dethroned”, my tour of the UK’s neolithic sites in a regular occurrence. And I cribbed a load of Steven Well’s stuff because – well, he needs to be read and not enough people ever did.

Download the PDF or Read it online via Issuu.

Enjoy! If you want a paper copy (with limited edition piece of blue A4 paper and ‘certified THIS IS POP product’ stamp) then leave your address in the comments section.

UPDATE: Now approved by MC Hammer in ‘most awkward photo of the year taken with a former pop star who only wants to talk about Twitter marketing’ shocker. He commented “This Is Pop, HMMM….” and checked, “there’s no devil worship in this, right?” before agreeing to be pictured with it.

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