What to do with 4 Litres of Stolen Cream

So you’re stumbling home with friends at dawn, it’s been a tiring and fun night and you’re eyeing up the milk being delivered to cafes and restaurants, thinking of your breakfast, no-one’s around…so you liberate some milk, take it home, read the label, and BAM! You find yourself with an industrial size 4 litre carton of cream. My friend (and indeed neighbour) found herself in this situation on Monday, so I non-judgementally skipped to her house (on the way catching glimpse of an excitable dog on a leash pulling a small boy on rollerskates against his will) and left with 2 7up bottles full of cream in my hands and plenty of baking ideas in my head.

After trying out some chocolate mousse I opted for mentioned-in-a-Horrors-song Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s choc eclairs recipe. OM NOM NOMS resulted.

If I was Nigella I'd make a "vessel ready to be loaded" comment

Cloud cream! Ikea bowl sky!

I changed the chocolate icing to ganache to use up more cream. It vaguely worked, more cream was indeed used up. They were way easier than expected and my flatmate was complimentary when he wasn’t busy painting men with erections:


I need to buy more every-ingredient-except-cream and make more things before the dreaded 22nd of the sell by date – illness beckons.

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