Introducing Fuchsia

Fuchsia Macaree likes things. But not in the manner of a hyperactive Facebook user; she has a genuine sense of joy. Liable to see the fun side of most things and decry formalities. Doesn’t care much for politics but thinks that Michael O’Leary should run the country. That country being the Republic of Ireland. Votes Green (oh, the irony). Really quite creative and a design obsessive. More likely to identify the typeface on a sign than actually read what it says.

Sleepy. Always sleepy.

The sort of person you can rely on. A photoshop whizzkid who won’t upload photos until they look perfect. Has travelled most of Europe on a budget of four euros, a smile and a fistful of Ryanair tickets. Cooks everything with a large helping of red onion. Ginger. Flowery dresses. Likes dancing, especially if it involves dressing up. Can turn into a worringly accurate Sarah Palin lookalike when required. Enthusiastic. Both despairs about and loves her native country. Struggles to ride a bicycle. Most likely to be found taking photos on O’Connell Street for a project.

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