Introducing Jim

If James Waterson was not a boy, but a song instead, he’d be Perfect Skin by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. Was once told off by Jeremy Paxman for swearing. Manages to channel his five year old self at regular intervals. Has been in the same amount of continents as I have cousins. Handy pub quiz member to have. Applied for uni on a drunk doctor’s recommendation, intending to go to the college Tony Wilson attended, and ended up in a college of the same name but a different city:

Has handwriting that will be in no way acceptable when he has to be a proper grownup, but gets away with it for the time being. Scared me with good looks when I first knew him but then I got used to it and it was ok. Has his name stitched into all his clothes pre-2007. Faults involve procrastination and subsequent frustration. Has a back which hasn’t fully evolved since he stopped being a Stegosaurus and a scar from running headfirst into a wall. Prefers Germany to France, trains to buses and standing on terraces to sitting in stadiums. Claims the Fall are the only band to move him.

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